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  • Another term for chibar2?

    I am a student using Stata for a multilevel analysis, and have a question about "chibar2". When I report the results of the likelihood ratio test (i.e., chibar2(01)=730.79, p<.001), is there another term that can be used? I was told that "chibar2" doesn't have much meaning for those who don't use Stata.

    I appreciate your help!


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    It's shorthand for "chi-bar-square" or "chi-bar-squared".
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    Steve Samuels
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      I believe that the test is actually a restricted likelihood ratio test for the variance component - the random effect, basically. The asymptotic distribution of the test statistic is a 50:50 mixture of a point mass at 0 and a chi-square test with 1 df. You can describe it as such. If your data have a bona fide nesting structure and your intra class correlation is not zero, then I don't think it's critical to report the restricted LR test statistic.
      Please use the code delimiters to show code and results - use the # button on the formatting toolbar, between the " (double quote) and <> buttons.

      Please use the command -dataex- to show a representative sample of data; it is installed already if you have Stata 14.2 or 15.1, else you can install it by typing

      ssc install dataex


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        Thank you both!