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  • how to export stata result to word file

    respected Member, i am facing problem in copying stata result to word file. when i copy a table from stata and paste in word, the structure of the table break down. is there any command or method from where i can export result to word?

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    There are many alternatives for copying results from Stata to Word. If you are using regression analysis, outreg2 is a good choice. If you are using other statistics, you can use estout or logout programs. All these programs are available from SSC, you can download them by

    ssc install outreg2
    ssc install estout
    ssc install logout
    If you want to directly copy results from the Stata results' window, and want the results to show in MS Word as they apear in Stata, copy the results, paste in MS Word, and then format the text as following
    Font : Courier New
    Font size : 9
    Attaullah Shah, PhD.
    Associate Professor of Finance, Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar, Pakistan


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      You may also wish to take a look at the SSC tabout. Hopefully the examples found this presentation will be helpful as well.
      Best regards,



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        thank you Attaullah Shah and Marcos Almeida for sharing your knowledge.


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          Dear all,

          I've been using outreg2 up until now for my regression outputs. I now need to create a summary statistics table and am unable to do this using outreg2.

          I get the output I desire using the following code with tabstat: tabstat x1 x2 x3, by(year) stat(mean) (The output is however not very aestethic.)

          Is there therefore any way I can do this using outreg2 to get a "prettier" table?

          Thank you in advance.

          Best regards,


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            Putexcel is also a great function having flexibility as compared to the other functions but would require lots of coding