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  • Mean size of household

    i am just a beginner in stata , i want to know a simple command for calculating the mean size of household. I am highly obliged for your support.

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    Welcome to Statalist.

    You have accidentally posted your topic in Statalist's Mata Forum, which is used for discussions of Stata's Mata language, which is different than Stata's command language. Your question will see a more appropriate, and much larger audience if you post it in Statalist's General Forum.

    With that said, I hoped to provide you an answer here, but your question really isn't clear without more detail, or at a minimum it is too difficult to guess at a good answer from what you have shared. Please help us help you. Show example data. The Statalist FAQ provides advice on effectively posing your questions, posting data, and sharing Stata output.

    Let's pretend you have data where each observation is a household and there is a variable called hhsize that contains the size of each household, the the summarize command would report the mean, as well as other descriptive statistics.

    The output of
    help summarize
    tells you more about the command, which would be
    summarize hhsize
    for the example we are pretending.


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      Thanks for your kind support, and guidance. I will be conscious next time while posting.

      Many thanks