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  • How to do the calculation of matrix mutiplying database

    Hi Stata users,

    I have some problems with the calculation of matrix with database. For example, I have a database with 100 variables (x1-x100) and 200 observations. And I have also a matrix with values beta1-beta100, I need to do this calculation:

    for each observation, I need to generate a new variable which is: x1*beta1+x2*beta2+x3*beta3+...+x100*beta100. This calculation will be repeated for the 200 observations.

    So my question is (1) how to write the code to calculate the above formula, and (2) in a general way, if the number of my matrix values is not exact the same as the number of variables in the database, for example, I have x1-x100 variables, but I have the matrix with values beta1-beta105, x variables could be partly matched to matrix according to their names, how shall I write the code?

    Thank you very much.

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