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  • Which method do I need for my research project?

    Hi guys,

    currently I'm working on a research project... or at least I try to find out if it is suitable. That's why I want to "play around" a bit in Stata and look, if my data is suitable. So my question to you is, what statistical method do I need for my plan?

    There is a questionnaire which asks different people every year about their socioeconomic backgrounds, beliefs, their position on some topics. Lets say, in 2012, people who think that the government is doing a great job are (on average) 36 years old, middle-class, educated. Now, I want to compare how the average people was (who liked the government) in 2012 and 2016. You know, maybe due to some reasons, in those four years the government did not so well and now the average changed. Now in 2016 the average person who likes the job of the government is 45 years old, upper-class and better educated.

    That means, I need to find out the "average person" who likes the government for 2012 and 2016. Can anyone tell me what this kind of method is called, and is carried out in stata?

    PS: it is just an example, so I'm not going to do a research about how likes the government or not. I just wanted to explain my point in a simple way.