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  • I am working on systematic review and meta-analysis on clinical data( i.e. Antimicrobial resistance).

    I have already completed the manuscript. The primary outcome of the article is to describe the pooled estimate of the different clinical data describing antimicrobial resistance in Ethiopia.
    Unfortunately, my attempt to the "Metaprop" estimate using the dialogue box is erroneous and finally, the manuscript is rejected.
    I need special support on how to perform "Metaprop" using the dialogue box so that to depict using the forest plot.

    thanks, to your assistance!
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    Metaprop: Meta-analysis of proportion and subgroup analysis among included studies.
    the erroneous illustration is here in the attachment.
    so how can I perform Meta-analysis of proportion and subgroup analysis among included studies using fixed effect model manually or using the dialogue box?


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      I believe this is not a Mata query, but rather one you should post on the General StataList forum.