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  • Python, Mata, and Stata v16

    Colleagues: With the release of v16 and its Python-interface capabilities I'm wondering if I should now consider learning some Python.

    However, as a dedicated Mata user/programmer for many years I'm also wondering what might be some of the main advantages of Python over Mata.

    If you are experienced in both languages, would you be willing to suggest what might be some such advantages? Or perhaps point me to any relevant links that might provide such information?

    Thanks in advance.

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    John Mullahy
    There are some fairly extensive Python libraries for all sorts of scientific computing related tasks. I would say some of the biggest benefit would probably be leveraging those existing libraries. There are also some lower level interfaces to C, Java, and/or other languages that may be a bit easier to work with for some developers.


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      Thank you very much, William and Jean-Claude.