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  • solvenl() arguments

    Hi all, I write the following code to do some grid search work. After running the code, I get errors as follows. I suspect I do not specify the arguments in the solvez() function correctly. There might be other problem in my codes as well. Could anyone have a try of my codes and tell me how to fix the problem entirely? I would very appreciate your help since I have been involved in this code for around one week...

    Best regards -- Alan

    solvez(): 3204 Fx[3,1] found where scalar required
    solvenl__calluser_2(): - function returned error
    solvenl__functioneval(): - function returned error
    solvenl_solve__newton(): - function returned error
    _solvenl_solve(): - function returned error
    mywork(): - function returned error
    <istmt>: - function returned error

    set obs 20000
    gen id=_n
    gen e=.
    gen phi=.
    gen N_e=100 // number of values for e
    gen N_phi=200 // number of values for phi
    gen step_e=0.01 // step of grids for e
    gen step_phi=1 // step of grids for phi
    gen error_code=.
    gen z1=.
    gen z2=.
    gen z3=.
    gen b1=.
    gen b2=.
    gen b3=.

    foreach seq_e of numlist 1(1)100 {
    foreach seq_phi of numlist 1(1)200 {
    qui replace e=0.01*`seq_e' if id==(`seq_e'-1)*(N_phi)+`seq_phi'
    qui replace phi=`seq_phi' if id==(`seq_e'-1)*(N_phi)+`seq_phi'


    capture program drop solveprogram
    program define solveprogram
    args num
    mata: mywork(`num')

    clear mata

    void mywork(real num_value)

    e_temp=st_data(num_value, "e") // import value of e and phi from Stata data to Mata
    e_temp=st_data(num_value, "phi")

    S = solvenl_init()
    solvenl_init_argument(S, 1, e_temp)
    solvenl_init_argument(S, 2, phi_temp)
    solvenl_init_evaluator(S, &solvez())
    solvenl_init_type(S, "zero")
    solvenl_init_technique(S, "newton")
    solvenl_init_startingvals(S, J(3,1,10)) // set the starting value of z1 z2 z3 as 10
    solvenl_init_conv_maxiter(S, 100) // set maximum iteration number, by default it is 16000, I change to 100 for computational convenience.
    solvenl_init_iter_log(S, "off")
    st_matrix("M", M)
    st_matrix("ERR", ERR)


    void function solvez(real colvector z, real scalar e, real scalar phi, real colvector y)

    y[1] = ((20000+z[1])*(1-0.2)/(1+1/e))*(1-(20000/(20000+z[1]))^(1+1/e))-phi-z[1]*(1-0.25)
    y[2] = ((9000+z[2])*(1-0.2)/(1+1/e))*(1-(9000/(9000+z[2]))^(1+1/e))-phi-z[2]*(1-0.25)
    y[3] = ((35000+z[3])*(1-0.25)/(1+1/e))*(1-(35000/(35000+z[3]))^(1+1/e))-phi-z[3]*(1-0.3)



    solveprogram 1

  • #2
    Hi, my problem is solved. The main change is to rewrite void function solvez(real colvector z, real scalar e, real scalar phi, real colvector y) as void function solvez(real colvector z, real colvector y, real scalar e, real scalar phi).