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  • Way to check project for obsolete/superseded commands?

    Today I learned that insheet has been superseded by import delimited. Is there a convenient way of checking a project for the usage of such commands? I know that the old commands still work, but I'd like to change my habits sooner rather than later.

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    If you wish to be bang up-to-date you will read help whatsnew assiduously.

    I don't think there is any kind of program checker that warns that your style choices are no longer on-trend this season (or, more precisely, this version).

    But, but, but:

    1. StataCorp puts massive effort in maintaining old commands even if they go undocumented or are regarded as superseded.

    2. Your own habits are one thing but those of others are another. If you collaborate with others, and they are using older versions of Stata, going for the latest commands will often make life more complicated for everyone, particularly if your collaborators are less experienced with Stata. More generally, if you make code available to strangers as well as friends, the size of the market depends on how far you are a little out of date. Some user-programmers care a little about this, and some not at all.


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      Alright. Thanks, Nick. I understand the caution. I know I'm on the early-adopter side of the fence.