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  • importing large dataset

    Hi there
    I am new with STATA. I use STATA/IC 2013 and try to import a file of 155 MG but unfortunately Every time I am tryingto do this, a message is came up that cannot load more than 40MG
    How can I sort this problem outr?
    My laptop is Dell core i7, RAM 4G
    Thanks in advance

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    shaker2000 (please, see FAQ #6 about the preference for real fullnames on this forum. Just click the Contact us button at the bottom-right of the screen and make your request for re-registering. Thanks):
    have you taken a look at -help limits-?
    Kind regards,
    (StataNow 18.5)


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      There is an undocumented setting
       set excelxlsxlargefile on
      which will allow -import excel- to bypass the size checking. But You should be warned, the library we use to import Excel files has a large memory footprint when dealing with large xlsx files. Also the library currently has no ability to allow user to break during the middle of loading an Excel file. Hence when you attempt to load this 155MB xlsx file, the Stata session will become unresponsive until it finishes. During this time, you will not be able to break out using the break button.


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        Dear Muhammed, what is the type of file that you are trying to import?
        Best, Sergiy