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  • spechist available on SSC

    Hi, thanks to Kit Baum spechist is now available on SSC. You can install it by using ssc install spechist, or by using findit spechist, and then following the links in the viewer.

    spechist is a command that allows you to prepare histograms with a set of specific methods that determine either the bin width, or the number of bins. If you pass more than one method into the command, it will combine the different histograms into one graph.

    This is the first program I've submitted to SSC, so comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. At the same time I would appreciate if you know of other methods and have a reference I can get to I welcome them to add them to the command. So shoot me an email with the reference, or if you prefer send me your code on how to prepare the histogram, and I'll include it in the command and credit you for it. The idea is to have a comprehensive command that easily prepares histograms with different methods for calculating the bin width, or equivalently the number of bins.

    Alfonso Sanchez-Penalver

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    Hi Alfonso, this is a GREAT command, highly useful for my work! Well done!
    Would you know a way to export the results: ie an option to see which observation fall into the different bins? like generating x number of new variables which will correspond to the number of bin?

    Thank in advance for your help!