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  • COMPARING coefficents after competing risk regression (stcrreg or stcox)

    Hi all,
    Any suggestion on how I can compare coefficients from different models after stccreg or stcox? I tried to use the suest and test commands but unfortunately suest is not supported.

    For instance lets suppose I want to see the effect of taking a drug on the probability to get again a cancer in the same place after the operation; and on the probability to get a cancer in another place in the body after operation. How can I compare the two coefficients I get from taking the drug? For example:

    stset time, failure (event==1 "cancer in the same Place")
    stcrreg drug, compete (event==2)
    Estimates store cancer1

    stset time, failure (event==2 "cancer in another place")
    stcrreg drug, compete (event==2)
    Estimates store cancer2

    suest cancer1 cancer 2

    test [cancer1_mean]drug = [cancer2_mean]drug]

    UNFORTUNATELY, I cannot do this because I get an error when I run suest (it tells me that cancer 1 was estimated with a non standard vce (robust)).
    If I use stcox rather than stcrreg, yet Another error: suest is not supported after stcox.

    Any suggestion on how to do this comparison?

    Many many thanks