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  • Stata freezes when executing simple commands


    I am having problem with my Stata that freezes when i try to execute very simple commands with simple datasets.

    Previously I have experienced the problem with
    import delimted
    Current I am having the problem with
    twoway scatter
    The problem is present even with the simplest datasets such as:

    year dummy
    2001 0
    2002 1

    Have anyone experienced something similar? Current it is a problem with any graph commands. I am using Mac ,StataIC. I have just updated Stata and the problem is still present.


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    Are you experiencing these problems when you run commands from Stata's Command window or running commands in a Do-file Editor window? Or instead are the problems occurring when you try to use Stata's menu-and-dialog-box interactive interface?

    I'm also a user of Stata for Mac and in the past I have had the problem with import that you describe, when using the menu-and-dialog box interface. Stata Technical Services nailed the cause, and it's discussed at

    The TL;DR is that if you are using a third-party Window Manager app on your Mac, the Java-based dialog boxes in Stata (which is only a subset of Stata's dialog boxes) may cause problems for Window Manager apps. Booting macOS into Safe mode, as suggested in post #4, can test the general proposition that one of your startup items is in part to blame. In my case, if I quit my Window Manager before opening the import dialog I did not experience the problem, and then I relaunch the Window Manager at a later point.


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      Thanks William - I will have a look at the link.

      However, the problem happens both when typing directly in the terminal, executing through dofile or using the menu-and-dialog-box interface, unfortunately.


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        I am sorry to hear that the problem is reproducible using the command interface. But I still think booting macOS into Safe mode and seeing if the problem goes away is worth a try.

        If the problem persists under Safe mode, then I would suggest seeking the help of Stata Technical Services as described at