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  • Exporting strate output using putexcel

    I am conducting survival data analysis using 'strate 'to calculate event rates. Since I have to calculate event rates for many groups, I would like to automatically export my strate results to an excel file. However, I cannot find a way for the putexcel command to read my strate output.

    I have used to following code to calculate event rates:

    stset persontime, failure(event==1)
    strate, per(1000)

    STATA returns the following output:
    | D Y Rate Lower Upper |
    | 346 7.4678 46.332 41.699 51.481 |

    When using a code for putexcel that was previously suggested (, the excel file remained empty:

    putexcel set resultfile
    stset persontime, failure(event==1)
    strate, per(1000)
    putexcel A1=(r(Rate)) B1=(r(Lower)) C1=(r(Upper))

    I have seen tips telling to put my output in a matrix format, which I tried using the following code:
    matrix list r(table)
    However, STATA returned error code r(111): matrix r(table) not found

    If anyone could help me identify where and/or how to fix my code, it would be much appreciated!

    P.S. I saw a response recommending the use of the asdoc command. Although this worked fine, I prefer to export selected data to excel

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    You have the option to save the output as a dataset. So do that and export to Excel using export excel.

    strate, per(1000) output(myfile, replace)
    use myfile, clear
    export excel myfile, firstrow(varlab) replace


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      If you are interested, asdocx can now export to Excel as well. To export from the strate command, here is a working example
      webuse diet
      stset dox, origin(time doe) id(id) scale(365.25) fail(fail==1 3 13)
      stsplit ageband, at(40(10)70) after(time=dob) trim
      strate ageband, per(1000) output(test)
      use text, clear
      asdocx list, save(myfile.xlsx) replace
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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      It produces the attached file.

      Attached Files
      Attaullah Shah, PhD.
      Associate Professor of Finance, Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar, Pakistan
      If you use MS Word, do check my asdoc program that easily sends Stata output to MS Word


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        Andrew Musau
        Many thanks! I managed to copy my results into a dta file and export them to excel However, I still struggle to add the results of a following event rate analysis to the same excel file, in a row below the original results. Is there a function to add results to an existing file, starting from a specified left-upper cell (or a command that resembles the 'append' command for asdoc)?


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          You have a number of possibilities, including using the -cell()- option of export excel to specify where to place the table in an existing file

          cell(start) - start (upper-left) cell in Excel to begin saving to
          or you could put the estimates in a matrix and proceed with your putexcel sequence in #1:

          strate, per(1000) output(myfile, replace)
          use myfile, clear
          mkmat *, mat(results)
          mat list results


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            Thank you very much! using the cell() option, together with the sheetmodify option, I have managed to put the different outputs in an excel file together