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  • Delete observations within timespan of each other

    Dear all,

    I am writing my Master's Thesis and am currently cleaning my data. For each Company I want to delete observations if they lie within 5 days of other observations of the same Company (-5, +5). See below a small snapshot of my database. Any thoughts on how to handle this the most convenient way? Thanks!

    Approval_Date Gen_Company
    19oct2015 3D IM
    19oct2015 3D IM
    30oct2015 3D IM
    07jun2001 3M
    29sep2006 3M
    08aug2018 60 DE
    23apr2018 A-OX
    01jun2016 AAA U
    26jan2018 AAA U
    29jun2001 ABBOT
    20dec2002 ABBOT
    04sep2001 ABBVI
    01nov2001 ABBVI
    17dec2001 ABBVI
    24jul2002 ABBVI
    31dec2002 ABBVI
    05nov2004 ABBVI
    26may2005 ABBVI
    28oct2005 ABBVI
    24mar2008 ABBVI
    15dec2008 ABBVI
    30apr2009 ABBVI
    10feb2010 ABBVI
    29apr2011 ABBVI
    14dec2012 ABBVI
    19dec2014 ABBVI