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  • caculating industry level TFP growth rate

    Hello. I have some questions.
    I have panel dataset, firm i, industry j, year t.
    I have firm's TFP which is log value of firm's total factor productivity.
    Firm's TFP growth rate=TFP- l.TFP

    Firm i belong to industry j. Industry j's TFP growth rate is as follows.
    bysort industry year: egen industrytfpmean=mean (TFP)
    gen indstrytfpmeangrowth= industrytfpmean- l.industrytfpmean

    Now I have a problem. I would like to caculate the industry k's TFP growth rate (k is not equal to j).
    I want to caculate the other industries' TFP growth rate which firm i does not belong to.
    Could you please help me?
    Thank you in advance.