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  • Difficulty with Stata Manuals in SumatraPDF

    Dear Statalist,

    I am having some trouble with the Stata manuals when using SumatraPDF (v3.2 64-bit on W10).

    If I click on the "View complete PDF manual entry" in Stata's Viewer, Sumatra flashes a brief error message (error loading [current directory]\namedest=pdisplay), and then opens the title page - but not the command entry - of the correct book. So, for example, if I want help for [P] display the [P] Programming manual opens rather than the first page of the entry for display.

    Furthermore, the bookmarks to the left of the Sumatra window do not work. The internal links within that particular PDF manual work, although the internal links within the PDF itself do work. That is, within the Programming manual I can click links in the table of contents, for example to the [P] display entry, but within the [P] display entry the link to [R] display gives a "File C:\Program Files\Stata16\docs:file\r.pdf#rdisplay not found" error.

    Does anyone have any advice on
    • how to fix this problem in Sumatra, or
    • how to set Acrobat Reader as the default within Stata (I would prefer to keep Sumatra as the system default PDF reader)
    Many thanks,

    PS - Stata 16.1 MP on W10