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  • combined visual presentation of logistic regression results

    I am conducting logistic regressions with a dichotomous outcome (iatrogenic) and a single, continuous predictor (yeardevelop). I am running these regressions for different countries. I'm wondering about the best way to visually present the information. I could create formulas for each country and plot using Excel, but surely there must be a way to do this within Stata.

    My input:
     logit iatrogenic yeardevelop if place==1
    ... place==2, place==3, etc.

    A manual approach would plot:
    log(p/1-p) = b0 + b1*yeardevelop
    Where the years of interest are 1990-2020.

    I will appreciate your guidance on (1) how to get Stata to visually present the curve and (2) how to save the information for multiple logistic regressions so that I can overlay the models for each of the countries, therefore demonstrating differences between the countries.

    I will be most grateful for your help. Thank you.