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  • Error using clrevmatch to do clerical analysis in STATA

    STATALIST users,

    I recently conducted a name matching using reclink2.
    Typical of name matching, there are not many perfect matches and I am trying to do manual match for potential matches with a rlscore over .9.

    Here is my code

    clrevmatch using filename, idm(idm) idu(objectid) varM(list of variables from masters) varU(list of variables from using) clrev_result(crev) clrev_note(crnote) reclinkscore(matchscore) rlscoremin(.9) fast nobssave(10) replace

    I set up for an autosave after going through 10 records.
    Hence, after working on 10 records, I get the following message

    press q to save and quit
    press any other key to save and continue

    when I hit q, I get the summary of a variable name, storage type, display format, value label, variable label in a table, but nothing is saved - I tried both newfilename and replace the original, but neither work.

    When I click on any other key, the first message I get is Invalid 'Main'
    and any key that I click afterward give me command " " is unrecognized.
    No file is saved and I am not able to continue with the clerical work.

    Has this command clrevmatch not supported anymore?
    I am not seeing many posts on this command - is there an alternative / better way people do the clerical work?

    Thank you for your time.