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  • How to resolve errors on: SPREGXT ( eigenvalues: matrix has missing values r(504);

    Hello everyone,
    I try to run SPREGXT to get SDM or SAR SEM but I got this error

    db SPREGXT

    . spregxt lapi lfdipc lgdppc lecbpc lecffpc, wmfile(G:\major\PhD\DATA\DATAfinal\datapaper2\data for stata\1contiguityweig.dta) model(sdm) nc(57) mf
    > x(lin) spar(rho) stand lmspac vce(robust)

    ================================================== ============================
    *** Standardized Weight Matrix (W): (1539x1539) : NC=57 NT=27 (Normalized)
    eigenvalues: matrix has missing values

    . pleas could u give me advice?

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    You'll increase your chances of a useful answer by following the FAQ on asking questions. With user-written procedures, you may have to debug them yourself or ask the authors. Note that Stata 16 includes a set of spatial analysis tools which might do what you need. (I don't know which version of Stata introduced them - they may also be in earlier versions.)

    A wild guess - missing values in the eigenvalue matrix might suggest colinearity. Also, if the procedure can successfully run a simpler (fewer options specified) model, it might help to build up from that model.