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  • Likert Scale

    hello.I am working on the external factors or determinants that influence the development of Social Entrepreneurship. i have 16 independent variables, among which only 1 variable is on likert scale. is my questionnaire worth to go for survey. It is not necessary if 1 survey question is on likert scale then all questions need to be in likert scale? kindly help. My almost all variables are categorical. all variables have multiple choice ans, so what regression model should I run??
    Last edited by Hira Haseeb; 06 Jan 2020, 13:28.

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    What kind of model you fit should be driven by the nature of the response or the outcome variable, here social entrepreneurship. You should tell us how that is measured.

    I don't understand quite what your question is otherwise. There is no reason in general why predictor (independent, in your terminology) variables should all be of the same kind.