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  • How to get the SEM path figure after running -sem- command

    I know we could use SEM builder to draw the sem path figure first and then get the estimations and code. I am wondering whether we can do this reversely - we code the sem part by ourselves, and then get the sem figure automatically.

    For example, after the following commands, is there a way to get the SEM path figure?
    sysuse auto.dta
    sem(price <- mpg headroom)(mpg <- headroom)

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    Briefly, no.

    (Unlike MPlus.)
    Doug Hemken
    SSCC, Univ. of Wisc.-Madison


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      This is too sad. Hope the developers can add this feature in the next version of stata.


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        From this site we read:

        Builder models and sem commands

        Notice that running models from the Builder generates Stata sem commands which you can save in a *.do file, and also produces all the same output that using the command does, which you can save in a *.log file.

        There is no way to go in the other direction, however. That is, there is no way to have an sem command automatically produce a Builder diagram.
        Best regards,



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          It should be noted that MPlus only does this for selected commands. I suspect our Stata folks would hesitate to do this if they couldn't do it thoroughly.
          Doug Hemken
          SSCC, Univ. of Wisc.-Madison