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  • Stata Command for Graphing placebo test results

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to replicate the synthetic control method implemented by Abadie,Diamond, and Hainmueller.
    I am using the following commands:

    use "synth_smoking.dta"

    tsset state year

    synth cigsale beer lnincome retprice age15to24 cigsale(1988) cigsale(1980) cigsale(1975), trunit(3) trperiod(1989) xperiod(1980(1)1988) nested

    Later I do placebo test using the following command:

    tempname resmat
    forvalues i = 1/4 {
    synth cigsale retprice cigsale(1988) cigsale(1980) cigsale(1975) , trunit(`i') trperiod(1989) xperiod(1980(1)1988) keep(test`i')
    matrix `resmat' = nullmat(`resmat') \ e(RMSPE)
    local names `"`names' `"`i'"'"'
    mat colnames `resmat' = "RMSPE"
    mat rownames `resmat' = "names"
    matlist `resmat' , row("Treated Unit")

    and I get the results but I do not know how to plot the results. Could anyone help me with plotting the results of the placebo test in a single graph?

    I am not a native English speaker and also am new to Stata and econometrics; I am sorry if I used wrong terminology.

    Thank you very much!