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  • admetan- p-value for pooled estimate?


    I have successfully use admetan to create a forest plot but after I updated to the newer version of the command, the p-value for the pooled estimate is no longer displayed. I only see I-squared. Can you tell me how I can display the p-value?

    Thank you,

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    This thread may be helpful to you. It also refers to the explanation in the help files. Just type - help admetan - for that matter.
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      Thank you. I had already tried those options. The p-value was displaying with admetan in the older version I was using but once I updated it, it stopped showing. Nothing about this in the help file as far as I could tell.


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        Dear Natalie,

        Sorry for not replying sooner! I am the author of admetan.

        When you say "the p-value for the pooled estimate is no longer displayed", do you mean a p-value appearing to the left of the plot, in brackets, adjacent to the I-squared statistic? If so, that p-value was associated with the test for heterogeneity (i.e. I-squared), not for the pooled effect. In fact, this potential for confusion was precisely the reason that I removed this p-value from the default display :-)

        If you wish to display the heterogeneity p-value in your plot, you can use the option hetstat(p). This should be documented in the help file.

        There is currently no option to display a p-value for pooled effect, and in fact has never been (nor is there in the older command
        metan). To include this p-value (I would suggest on the right-hand side of the plot, next to or underneath the effect estimates), you would need to edit the forest plot in a similar way to the thread linked to by Marcos. I can help with this if you like.

        Best wishes,