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  • Generating Dummy variables based on Monthly period

    Hello everyone i am really new to stata and i have an econometrics paper due in a couple days and i have to perform some time series analysis on the data i have.
    I am using Monthly data from 2007-12-01 to 2019-10-01 in a "YMD" format, which i have formatted and declared as a time series data
    I am trying to create an "Embargo" variable which takes the value of 1 from 2019-01-01 to 2019-10-01 and 0 for all months before that. So i would really appreciate it if someone could provide me with some help in how to go about this dummy variable generating process using a date/period argument.
    I have tried several commands but none have seemed to work thus far so any input would be welcomed.

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    Duplicate post. Asked and answered at

    Bumping is discouraged. Especially when the amount of time elapsed is, as in this case, very short. This is not a help line. People respond to questions if they like and whenever they like. If you need instantaneous help, you need to find some other resource.

    Even when a reasonable amount of time goes by without an answer (say, a day), reposting the same question is unlikely to help. If your question goes unanswered it may be because it is confusing, or because you don't provide enough information for anyone to give you an answer, or because it is a difficult question to which nobody knows the answer, or an obscure question requiring niche expertise that no Forum member active at the time has, or just because it seems completely uninteresting. So rather than reposting the same question, consider why it didn't draw a response and then perhaps rework the question to improve its chances of getting a timely and helpful response. Reading the Forum FAQ is a good way to get some excellent advice about that.

    tl;dr Don't bump here!