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  • Do sum of all corresponding values in one column when other column has a certain value

    I want to sum the column 'stat1' by the column 'Group' if it has a certain value, such as Group == 'AAA'

    Group sub-group code Name stat1 stat2 stat3
    AAA AA wsed A 2 5 20
    gfb B 54 43 22
    BB wewe C 33 43 35
    qsq D 4 20 43
    BBB CC nhn K 54 43 22
    asa L 4 8 8
    DD dsd A 67 8 2
    ss B 56 7 45

    In non stata-syntax, I m looking for some command on the following lines:

    Do sum of all corresponding values in column stat1 when value of Group == "AAA"

    I would appreciate if some Stata user can help
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  • Nick Cox
    Here is one to do it using groups (Stata Journal):

    . sysuse auto, clear 
    (1978 Automobile Data)
    . egen wanted = total(price), by(rep78) 
    . groups wanted rep78, show(none) order(high) colorder(2) 
      | rep78   wanted |
      |     3   192877 |
      |     4   109287 |
      |     5    65043 |
      |     2    47741 |
      |     1     9129 |

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  • Moaiz Siddiqui

    Thank you Mr. Nick Cox. This was very helpful.
    I have to ask just one more small thing:

    The code:
    tabdisp rep78, c(wanted)

    tabulates the variable 'rep78' in alphabetical order and the corresponding numerical values of the variable 'wanted' in the next column.

    In case, I want to display 'rep78' in terms of numerical values of 'wanted' in descending order, how will the code change?
    Will appreciate your help in this matter.



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  • Nick Cox
    Consider the following silly example, which you can run. Here rep78 has the same role as Group in your example as I understand it.

    sysuse auto, clear 
    egen wanted = total(price), by(rep78) 
    tabdisp rep78, c(wanted)
    Also check out

    help tabstat
    However, note that Stata will not understand empty strings as meaning use the non-empty value above.

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