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  • Lucy Kinyua
    started a topic Panel data set with spaced time periods

    Panel data set with spaced time periods

    Hello Statalist,

    I am currently analyzing a panel data set of 45 firms across 3 years. However, the 3 years are spaced, that is; 2007, 2013 and 2018. This is bringing issues of multi-collinearity between most of the independent variables I am working with.

    Is there a way to solve this? Please help.

    Kind regards,

  • Carlo Lazzaro
    welcome to this forum.
    I'm not clear with the seemingly deterministic relationship between multicolinearity and 5/6-year speced data waves (by the way, how did you investigated multicollinearity after panel data regression?).
    As an aside, it is difficul (for me, at least) to reply (more) positively without taking a look at what you typed and what Stata gave you back, that, as reminded by FAQ, you can share via CODE delimiters. Thanks.

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