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  • Help with Looping

    Good day, Statalist,

    Please, I am carrying out an analysis for 5 waves of a survey data. Hence I would want to replicate the commands for the different waves on my appended dataset which would require looping.
    Also, I want to obtain the result for a particular command for the different quintiles in the waves.

    Please, I need help on how best to go about it.


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    Welcome to the Stata Forum \ Statalist.

    Please read the FAQ. There you'll find how to share data\command\output.

    Sharing a fraction of the data as an example plus showing exactly what you wish are the best strategies to entice an insightful reply.

    Best regards,



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      It's not even true that separate analyses for different waves require looping. It could be that a by: prefix or a statsby command, for example, yields what you want. That's part of why Marcos Almeida is right. We need more detail on what you want to do to give a better answer. "a particular command" needs to be fleshed out.