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  • Jack Benhayon
    started a topic Missing observations in esttab output

    Missing observations in esttab output

    Using this line of code
    esttab reg1 reg2 reg3 reg4 using "./ec20final1.rtf", keep(1.program#1.postt 1.program#2.postt) stats(program_pval cntrl_restrict_pval educ_pval county_pval) b(3) replace ///
    indicate("Control for age = *age*" "Control for education = *educ*" "Control for county = *county*") z ///
    label ///
    nomtitle ///
    title("Dependent Variable: Employment, Time Periods: 3")
    I get a table that does not include the number of observations in the regressions. It seems to me after reading up on esttab you need to include the command noobs for this to happen, which I have not used. Thank you for the insight!

  • Nils Enevoldsen
    The more fundamental issue is that you are using the stats() option with esttab, whereas stats() is really an estout option. esttab is a wrapper for estout. For advanced users, esttab allows estout options, but they must be used with care.

    As the esttab documentation states, "stats() disables r2(), ar2(), pr2(), aic(), bic(), scalars(), sfmt(), noobs, and obslast."

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  • Andrew Musau
    You have specified what statistics you want.

    stats(program_pval cntrl_restrict_pval educ_pval county_pval)
    You need to include "N" which defines the number of observations.

     stats(N program_pval cntrl_restrict_pval educ_pval county_pval)

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