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  • Path Model with (endogenous) Treatment - which model, which command?

    Hello all

    I have collected data on the intention to create a new business of my students.

    I measured it before the course (t1) and after it (t2). I have data on their absenteeism in class and the time they spent on the online platform. My hypothesis is that following my course will modify their attitude toward new business ventures and thus their intention to create a new business.

    The hypothesized model is as follow:

    All variables are continuous. What is difficult is that the model includes both panel and structural equation modeling features.

    Do you know a class of model that could accommodate this?

    In addition, absenteeism and time spent on the online course are probably endogeneous. I would be very interested, if you know of a way to treat this additional issue.

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • Phil Bromiley
    The sem procedures will handle endogeneity and panel effects. Alternatively, look at the moderation programs - with a dummy for panel they might work. Or, it could be done in reg3 with dummies for panels.

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