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  • How do I create HHI by country,and by industry of data in a time series

    I'm trying to get started with my regression analysis on Stata but I'm lacking HHI variable.I n particular the export concentration HHI by country from the exporter and industry HHI market concentration .
    I have data classified as follows

    Year. Dest-Country. Export value. Industry.
    2000. Xxx. X$. A
    2015. Xxx. X$. A

    ‚Äč2000. yyy. X$. A
    2015. Yyy. X$. A

    And so on .I have about 13 countries in my study and 7 industries over the span of 16 there any code in particular that can help me find 1.hhi by country and the hhi by industry.thanks

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    Welcome to Statalist. You didn't get a quick answer. You'll increase your chances of a useful answer by following the FAQ on asking questions - provide Stata code in code delimiters, readable Stata output, and sample data using dataex. Remember, most of us are not from your area so you need to explain terms like HHI.

    The answer to your question depends critically on the data layout. Let me just note that you can do egen by whatever groups you want.


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      I mean to say herfindahl a measure of market concentration