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  • Heatmap in Stata

    I am trying to create a heatmap that is gridded by 10% deciles of two variables. I want them to measure in terms of Y. So I have a series, say x1 and another x2 and used the following
    xtile dx1 = x1, nquantiles(10)
    xtile dx2 = x2, nquantiles(10)
    hmap dx1 dx2 y, noscatter
    and I get the following:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	heatmapexample.JPG
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Size:	33.1 KB
ID:	1512330

    I want to put labels for the axes and a legend for what each colour represents. The documentation for -hmap- is severely lacking in options.
    Side note: the grey squares imply missing observations which is ok.

    In short: Is anyone familiar with -hmap- or have an alternative? I may just settle on creating a contour plot if I can't figure this out by the end of the week.
    Thanks ahead!

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    hmap is by Austin Nichols and available from SSC (as you are supposed to tell us -- see Forum FAQ). As a potential alternative, check out Ben Jann's heatplot, also on SSC


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      Thank you, -heatplot- is what ive been looking for. Sorry for not including the source for the code, I will do so from now on.