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  • Problems with the ppplot command and resulting graph

    Hi Statalisters,

    I faced a problem with the ppplot command by Nicholas J. Cox.

    First, I want to edit the graph, but everytime I try to enter the graph editor the command seems to repeat and the graph is drawn again which takes a lot of time with multiple graphs/lot of observations.
    Second, I want to export the graph. Can you recommand a file format. For other graphs I am useing .wmf which delivers figures with good quality while .png or .tif seem to be pixelated when I copy them into word. The problem here is that an export of the ppplot with .wmf. results in files between 50-250 MB.

    Kind regards


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    No data or graph example or code to comment on here.

    Your first problem sounds like a problem with your use of the Graph Editor. But I think it's just the same as the second problem. You notice the delay because your file is very big.

    Your second problem is probably because you are using a very big dataset. ppplot (SSC, as you are asked to explain) uses all the data, so I can only guess that you need something else if your files are too big to handle.

    I've hardly used this program since writing it in 2004. I use qplot (Stata Journal). For a very big dataset I would switch to so-called letter values.

    SJ-16-4 st0465 . . . . . Speaking Stata: Letter values as selected quantiles
    (help lvalues) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N. J. Cox
    Q4/16 SJ 16(4):1058--1071
    supports calculation of letter values without the 21 letter
    limit of lv and is designed to save results in new variables
    for as many variables and distinct groups as are specified