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  • Confirmatory Factor Analysis- Huge correlation between factors

    Hi, I'm trying to use confa command to do confirmatory factor analysis.

    My code was:
    confa (UF: scoep_010 scoep_002-scoep_009) (SF: scoep_022 scoep_017-scoep_021),from(ones)corr(scoep_003:scoep_006)
    where all the variables are numbers in the range [0, 100].

    It turned out in the result table that the correlations between factors are 350, 241 and 133, while I cannot think of any interpretation of factor correlation outside the range of [-1,1].

    Can someone tell me what's wrong and suggest some method to solve this problem?

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    Welcome to Statalist.

    One simple possibility: when I ran one of the CFA examples in the documentation, the results table included a section headed "Factor cov." which I understand to mean "factor covariances" rather than "factor correlations".

    If this doesn't address your concern, we can better help you if we know what commands you have tried and what Stata told you to indicate that there was a problem. Please review the Statalist FAQ linked to from the top of the page, as well as from the Advice on Posting link on the page you used to create your post. See especially sections 9-12 on how to best pose your question. Then you should copy your confa command and its output from your Stata Results window and paste that into your Statalist post using code delimiters [CODE] and [/CODE], as described in section 12 of the FAQ.