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  • Pooled Panel or Cross Sectional Data

    Good Morning I have a query regarding a data set I am handling. I am trying to see the out-migration occouring due to climate change. For the out-migration module, I am using the Demographic and Health Survey 2017-2018 survey’s migration module and for the climate variable, I have used Standard Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) I have imported the SPEI which is available from 1901 to 2015 by matching the year when the migration occurred. I am confused as to what model should I apply now:
    The model I am thinking of currently is logistic regression where the education would be as follows:
    Migrated from (Rural Area=0, Urban area=1)= B0+ B1region+B2place of residence+B3gender+B4 education+B5wealthindex + B6 SPEI for 48 Months+B7 SPIE for 24 Months+ B8SPEI for 12 Months +B9SPEI for 6 months+B10 SPEI for 3 months
    Howver, I am very confused as to what exactly is the nature of my sample now i.e. whether it is cross-sectional even after I have matched the SPEI with the year migrated or it is a pooled panel . If it is a pooled panel can I apply a fixed effect model to it. What would you suggest the model to be