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  • Problem regarding how to create categories under categories.

    this is my question.

    Thank you.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 3.42.43 PM.png
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    Please read the Forum FAQ for excellent advice on how to post questions to maximize your chances of getting a timely and helpful response. Screenshots are specifically discouraged. Among the reasons is that they often are unreadable--as is the case here, at least on my computer. In addition, a screen shot would not enable somebody who wants to help you to import the data into Stata. So please post back, typing your question into the Forum editor, and then showing example data using the -dataex- command.

    If you are running version 15.1 or a fully updated version 14.2, -dataex- is already part of your official Stata installation. If not, run -ssc install dataex- to get it. Either way, run -help dataex- to read the simple instructions for using it. -dataex- will save you time; it is easier and quicker than typing out tables. It includes complete information about aspects of the data that are often critical to answering your question but cannot be seen from tabular displays or screenshots. It also makes it possible for those who want to help you to create a faithful representation of your example to try out their code, which in turn makes it more likely that their answer will actually work in your data.

    When asking for help with code, always show example data. When showing example data, always use -dataex-.