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  • Calculating adjusted proportions

    There are examples of analyses using Stata (14) that calculates proportion of one variable by adjusting for another (e.g. age-adjusted prevalence of diabetes), but this option is nowhere to be found within Stata. Is there any user written command for this?
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    These are quite possibly produced using the margins postestimation command.

    If you are not already familiar with these papers, you may find the explanation you need, and more, in the nice overview of margins prepared by Richard at with a more detailed paper in the Stata Journal at I'll also note that Margins01.pdf is followed by Margins02.pdf ... Margins05.pdf covering more specialized topics.

    And all five of these PDFs, and plenty more of use to someone learning about the analysis of categorical data, are linked to from - the material mentioned above is found in the section headed Interpreting results: Adjusted Predictions and Marginal effects.


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      See -proportion- or -dstdize- to calculate directly standardised proportions.