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  • Create Barplot also showing CI-Intervals

    I want to create a barplot as I have found it in an article by Almond and Edlund (2008). It shows the number of observations and and the mean ratio together with the 95% confidence invervals.
    Does anybody know the command for such a diagram? And how do I add the red line at certain values?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Almond and Edlund (2008): Please note our long-standing request in the FAQ Advice to avoid minimal name (date) references. The presumption that everyone knows the literature you do won't stand up to analysis.

    These horrible graphs are much discussed and dismissed in various places, including this forum. Search words for that discussion include detonator, dynamite and plunger plots. I can't bear to write code for what I think is a bad idea, but be advised that some combination of twoway bar and twoway recap would be needed,

    If sample sizes, means and CIs are all that is available, the bar doesn't have any rationale over a point or market symbol.


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      Hi Nick,

      thanks for the reply! I will search for discussions on such graphs and maybe reconsider.



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        In case you do not reconsider, I wrote a tutorial at some point on how to draw those CIs if you don't have the values in your dataset ("immediate arguments"), this might help you on your way if you don't get there using twoway rcap (the -recap- Nick refers to is a typo I think).

        Edit: Hah, I just checked and apparently I even show how to do it used rcap as a starting point :D
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          Jesse Wursten is correct. That was a typo. Sorry for any confusion.