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  • Import oaxaca result in latex

    Could you please share me a stata code to import Oaxaca result in latex. I examine the wage gap among formal and informal employment. I want to show Oaxaca result by 4 column
    Oaxaca Bilnder 1 (formal) Oaxaca Blinder 2 (informal) Neumark Cotton

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    welcome to this forum,

    If you really expect an answer to your question in this forum, then it would help if you show what you have done so far.
    Which estimation commands, on which data, what does output look like, etc. Otherwise, it is difficult to help you. Just the name of the estimation method and the table format is not useful, although there is only one commonly used oaxaca-blinder-decomposition command available for Stata.
    If you use already the - oaxaca - command by Ben Jann, then you should also look at the - estout - package by the same author, especially at the - esttab - command. You can also look at the - outtex - package.
    There are also other packages available, just find them via - net search latex -.
    When you have tried these or similar commands and still did not manage to get your desired result, then you can ask again and provide more details.

    A rather simple way to achieve your goal without too much Stata code is to export the results into Excel via - putexcel - and then use the Excel2LaTeX addin to convert the Excel tables into LaTeX.
    It is usually easier this way than to write Stata code if the table layout is rather non-standard.


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      Thank you so much.
      Yes, I used oaxaca command by Ben Jann. I will try as your recommendation.