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  • Percentile variable

    hi everybody
    am working with stata and here below is a question that i need to answer. I do not get well how to generate the variable high and low and how they should be (dummy variable or continuous ones). I really need assistance. Than for advance.

    Here is the question:
    Define “high” malaria areas as those in the 90th percentile or greater in terms of “malmort1890”.
    Define “low” malaria areas as those in the 10th percentile or lower. Generate a new variable (called
    sei_diff) which is the difference in the log Duncan SEI index between high and low malaria areas.
    Plot this difference on the y-axis with cohorts on the x-axis (note that this will look like the
    author’s Figure 4).

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    This sounds like homework. Please note the suggested policy on homework questions at #4 in

    with summary

    we request that homework questions not be posted and not be answered.