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  • Average of one variable by different groups

    I am a new user of STATA, I would like to know the average of orthodontic objective need (noneed) over five group of socioeconomic status (imdrank_5). My data is accumulative data and each row represent number of children have objective need in one city as seen below
    City Objective need(noneed) imdrank_5
    Birmingham 200 1
    Leeds 64 5
    London 89 5
    Bradford 500 3
    coventry 150 4
    Manchester 89 2
    Nottingham 67 5
    Cardif 101 1
    Liverpool 23 3
    Lister 56 4
    Bristol 44 2
    I would like the command to see the average(%) of objective needs by imd_5 groups.

    Is it possible to help me which command I need to use.

    I used the command

    prop noneed , over( imdrank_5 )

    But the masage I recived is '' too many categories''

    I really appreciate your help.

    Thank you
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    please read the FAQ which has good advice on posting (especially data samples)

    based, however, on what you tried, the following should give you want you want:
    ta imdrank_5, su(noneed)
    if you only want means, read the help for -tabulate- to see which options to use