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  • Panel Data with endogeneity: Model averaging after etreg, xtivreg, heckman - question on model weights

    Dear all,

    I am facing the following issue and would appreciate some (hopefully) enlightening comments.

    I have a panel dataset with a binary endogenous variable (i.e. treatment evaluation) and the problem of non-random selection. I want to investigate the treatment effect while applying different models AND accounting for model uncertainty with respect to the covariates.The stata commands
    • etreg (= treatment effect regression with probit in the first, regression in the second stage)
    • xtivreg (I guess no explanation is needed)
    • and heckman (probit first, regression in the second with the inverse mills ratio)
    are all valid tools to deal with the selection bias. I also have a plausible instrument with a valid exclusion restriciton. My desired outcome are averaged coefficients (as the result of - let's say - 512 different model specifications) from all three different models.

    For the etreg command I already managed to average the coefficients of 1024 regressions. It was basically just one big loop. Regarding the model weights, I followed
    "Buckland, S. T., Burnham, K. P., & Augustin, N. H. (1997). Model selection: an integral part of inference. Biometrics, 603-618.". In a nutshell, one needs to obtain the BIC (Bayesina Information Criterion) after each regression (Stata command: estat ic), summ all up (= denominator), calculate the respective model weights using each BIC (= numerator) and use them to calculate the averaged coefficient. Hence - to obtain BIC - maximum likelihood needs to be applied. This worked well for the etreg command.

    However, for the heckman ML estimation, some model specifications do not converge - even though they did in the etreg-case. I already changed the regressors back and forth but still some combinations of covariates won't converge. I can't really wrap my mind around why it is working for etreg, but not for heckman --> both use probit in first stage and OLS in second?!

    For the heckman, twostep calculation it works perfectly fine, but I am not able to obtain the BIC (no log-likelihood values). I guess for xtivreg I could simply switch to "xtivreg2, fe liml" - option and work my way around.

    Hence, I would appreciate some comments on the following:
    1. Since the Stata command "xtivreg, fe" also saves e(ll) and therefore "estat ic" is applicable, I could also work my way manually around the heckman: Probit in the first stage, Calculation of the inverse mills ratio, estimation of the second stage with xtivreg, fe . But how would I manually adjust the standard errors (necessary for Heckman) ? I couldn't find anything online. Some comments simply said "use the Stata command. This will do the job"
    2. Is anyone aware of model weights that are not related to maximum likelihood estimation? Couldn't I simply use any coefficient of determination (such as r squared) and calculate the model weights in the same spirit as explained above [-> Model weight 1 = BIC model 1 / Sum(BIC all models) ]
    Thanks for any help!