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  • Stochastic frontier Analysis in stata gives me wrong efficiency terms

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to estimate efficiency terms using the translog cobb douglas production function using the command xtfrontier for a panel of countries to measure the efficiency of production for each country. However when i predict the efficiency term I get some countries that are medium income with high efficiency score, countries like Sudan and Egypte and Nigeria. Can someone please explain this and how can I make it predict correct efficiency terms.
    PS: i'm using the penn world table data 9th version

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    welcome to this forum.
    Thread like this one are hardly replied by interested listers (I would not reply anyhow, being stochastic frontier analysis far from my research field), in that you do not show what you typed and what Stata gave you back (see the FAQ on this and other posting-related topics. Thanks).
    Kind regards,
    (Stata 15.1 SE)