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  • Error in the help of the metafunnel user-written command (and possible solution)

    Dear Statalisters,

    I'm using Stata version 14.2. I contacted the authors of the "metafunnel" command by email in the last weeks unsuccesfully.

    I noticed that the help of "metafunnel" refers to the possibility of using the "metabias" command with the "graph(begg)" option to get a metafunnel plot with axes reversed. I realized that this held for the old version of metabias but, after it was updated, graphs are not allowed anymore in case the Begg's test is chosen. I found out that it's still possible to use the old version of metabias thanks to "metabias6": if someone is aware of better options to get the axes-reversal in funnel plots, please let me know.

    Everyone can modify their own "metafunnel" help-file (and also update the file format to ".sthlp", but I think it's not necessary) by:

    1) replacing "metabias" by "metabias6",

    2) adding "metabias6" to the "Also see" list.