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  • Print a value label with putexcel after mixed model


    I am quite new to Stata and I'm trying to run a mixed model for the different levels of multiple variables in order to do a forest plot (using comand forestplot). So I want to prepare an excel sheet that fits the appropiate format needed in foresplot. I have already figured out how to get all the data I need from each model with this code (it may be a bit rudimentary, but it works!):

     putexcel set results, sheet("name") modify
    putexcel A1 = ("_OVER") B1 = ("_LEVEL") C1 = ("_LABELS") D1= ("_ES") E1=("_seES") F1=("_LCI") G1=("_UCI") H1 = ("_USE") I1 = (" Variable levels")
    loc x = 2
    foreach i in sex age  {  // All the variables for which I want to run my model, only showin two of them. 
       quietly levelsof `i', local(levels`i') 
       foreach z of local levels`i'{ 
        quietly mixed FinalScore i.Treatment Baselinescore if `i' == `z' || IDS_T0: // I run the model for each level within each variable
        matrix rtable = r(table)' 
        matrix r_table = rtable[2,1..2],rtable[2,5..6] 
        quietly putexcel D`x' = matrix(r_table) I`x' = "`i'-`z'"
        loc x = `x' + 1
    This gives me the format I want. Both, sex and age have value labels assigned, and I would like to print each value label instead of the level, I'm guessing I have to change something here
     quietly putexcel D`x' = matrix(r_table) I`x' = "`i'-`z'"
    , since I would like for instance sex-Female while now it prints sex-1. Does anybody have any insight on how to do this?

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    I`x' = "`i' - `: label (`x') `z''"

    More generally, you can get the value label for variable V and value x using

    local xlabel : label (V) x

    The above code just embeds this in your string.



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      Jeph Herrin That worked perfectly, thank you!