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  • Table with means and t-test coefficients by group


    I have a same concern that was raised before (posted April 28, 2013). So,I will just copy the same question.
    I am trying to create a table which displays means and SDs of variables for 2 groups, and a column with statistics of a difference between those means. With esttab I am unable to get a table that displays both means and test statistics. When I specify "main(mean) aux(sd)", only the summary statistics are displayed. When I use "cells(b se)" instead, only the column with test statistics is displayed. Which option in esttab do I need to use so that it displays both means and t statistics? Is it somehow possible to define "cells" separately for different columns/models? Here is what I do: ----------------- *this adds 3 columns: means group 1, means group 2, and means total eststo: estpost tabstat varA varB varC, statistics(mean sd) columns(statistics) by(group) *this is supposed to add another column with test statistics on the difference eststo: estpost ttest varA varB varC, by(group) esttab, noobs nonote main(mean) aux(sd) nogaps /// nonumber unstack replace ----------------- This way, the 4th column with test statistics is completely missing. What can I do? Any help is very much appreciated! Sergio.