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  • Spset in STATA 15

    I am working on real states sales data. Obviously, there are multiple sales within the same neighbourhood over the years (also in the same year). So, I wanted to ignore the time aspect (I can't have balanced panel to apply spatial econometrics) but spset strictly requires that I xtset my data. I just created id for each observation and tried to spset it (I already have _CX and _CY variables for postal codes, so I do not need a separate shape file). I get:

    invalid panel setting
    Type xtset to view panel data settings


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    If you don't want to use any xtset settings with your data type xtset, clear.


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      You may look at examples in manuls of -spbalance-. Either use -spbalance, balance- to drop some unbalanced time periods, or balancing by dropping spatial units.

      I do not think it is good idea to create new ids in your case. It means different ids actually point to the same spatial units, so the inverse-weighting matrix will have some invalid entries as 1 divided by 0.
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