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  • Manipulating Output Tables

    Hi Statalist,
    I'm outputting results tables for the first time and am new at this so apologies if this question has an obvious answer...

    How do I output a summary statistics table either just in Stata or into excel with general the type of format shown in the attached picture?

    Where the #s are means and (standard deviations), respectively.

    I know how to output such a table for just "alldays". I also found that specifying ", by (weekend)" did split up by days of the week but it (a) inverted the variables so that the variables were along the top as column headers instead of along the side as rows and (b) as a result of this I couldn't figure out how to also include the "all days" stats. Finally, I didn't know how to output the standard deviations in parentheses under the means - is this easy or does it need to be done in some special way? (if it is challenging I can just put SDs in separate columns for now).

    I know matrixes are often used for generating tables but I wasn't sure if there is an easy way to do this especially since I am just doing a first pass at summary statistics for a rough draft.

    As always, many thanks to Statalist for your invaluable help and immeasurable patience!
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    You didn't get a quick answer. You'll increase your chances of a helpful answer by following the FAQ on asking questions - provide Stata code in code deimiters, Stata output, and sample data. Do not provide screen shots.

    If you just searched in google for output tables Stata, you'd find there are several user-written procedures for producing such tables. I prefer outreg2.