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  • cannot find Stata directory isstata.110 is missing

    I am running Stata 11 on mac, and I have had problems on yosemite with random crashing. I wanted to approach the problem by updating Stata, and I managed to download the update. However, when typing update swap, the program crashed and has disappeared from the dock. When opening it manually from the Application folder, I get the error box and the program is not opening.

    "cannot find Stata directory isstata.110 is missing"

    Does anyone have recommendations, or know if I can save my program? Or do I have to delete and re-install and forget about updating Stata in the future?

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    I am experiencing the exact same issue. Any solutions out there?


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      this kind of question should really be sent to tech support:


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        Hi Rich. I did as you suggested (though I got a warning that tech support is no longer offered for such old versions of STATA). By manually grabbing the updates and installing them in the official STATA folder, and then running the "update swap" command, the problem was resolved. Here is the link for the updates: