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  • r squared for xtpoisson

    I am trying to assess the trade effects of an RTA. I am using PPML to estimate a gravity model. It's a panel dataset so I am trying to use dyadic and time fixed effects as per much of the literature.

    I run the following commands with the output provided in the attached png. file:

    xtset countrypairnumber year
    xtpoisson tradevalueus lnGDPIM lnGDPEX lnpopim lnpopex ceta1 ceta2 ceta3, fe

    My questions are:
    1) Is this correct?
    2) I am required to produce an r squared value in my published results, how do I ascertain an r squared value for the xtpoisson command?
    3) Literature employing apparently similar methods include a constant in their published results, can I / should I ascertain a constant value for the xtpoisson command?

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